Class : A

Rig : Barque 3

Heights : 38.56 m

Lengh of hull : 64.50 m

Nationality : Ecuador

Year built : 1977

Home Port : Guayaquil


Guayas is a three-masted barque with a steel hull that can display a sailing area of 1,410 square metres. The main mast reaches 38 metres (124 ft 8 in) over deck. The ship carries a crew of about 120 sailors as well as eighty cadets under the leadership of about 35 officers. GUAYAS is one of four sailing ships that were built by Astilleros Celaya S.A. in Bilbao : GLORIA (Colombia), SIMO N BOLIVAR (Venezuela), and CUAUHTEMOC (Mexico). Named after the Chief of Huancavilcas, a native culture in the Ecuadorian coastal region, Guayas serves as a goodwill ambassador for the Ecuadorian Navy.

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