Gulden Leeuw

Class : A

Rig : Gaff Schooner 3

Heights : 39.33 m

Lengh of hull : 54.54 m

Nationality : The Netherlands

Year built : 1937

The Gulden Leeuw is a big, sturdy sailing ship reminiscent of the 30’s and with the deck layout of a classic yacht.

This ship was built in 1937 on behalf of the Danish Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. The DANA was designed and built as an ocean-going ice class ship. During her period of service for the Danish government, she was frequently used for marine biological research, not only in Danish waters but also in international ones. The ship has a rich history. She sailed as a researcher, supplier and even as a training ship for a Danish nautical college.

In the past two years the ship has been converted into a three-masted topsail schooner, so the foremast is also yard-rigged. This very versatile rigging combines the advantages of a square-sailed ship and a fore-and-aft rigged ship.

Photo © Sail Training International