Class : A

Rig : three-masted, full rigged training ship

Heights : 50.90 m

Lengh of hull : 94.80 m

Nationality : Russia

Year built : 1987

Home port : St Petersburg

“Mir”, which means Peace in russian, was built as the third of five sister ships at the Lenin-shipyard in Gdansk, Poland, based on a new type of design for square rigged training vessels. The first ship of this design was called Dar Mlodziezy. Russia then decided that she wanted a similar design for five ships as part of a trading deal with Poland. First came Druzhba and then in 1987 Mir for which the rigging design was slightly altered so that she could sail closer to the wind – up to 30 degrees rather than the usual 60 degrees for square riggers.

Photo © 2016 Richard Sibley